In my Docker Web Portal, I took input from the user via key:value pair. In this web app, I have used a smarter approach. Here you can write/speak English statements and the Python CGI Code will understand the statement & convert it into commands and present the commands & their output on the web app.

Frontend ➡

Backend ➡

Using Python CGI Codes I am taking input from the client (via the web portal) in the form of English Statements & the code runs the particular kubectl commands and gives the output back to JS functions that display it on the webpage.

I and my Teammate participated in this event & created a superb web portal to release your Anxiousness. HackOn is a pan India Hackathon, and we won the title ‘Best use of Auth0

Here’s the link to the project we made:


Theme: Mental Health and Awareness

Project description

Baatcheet Karlo yaar! Something is making you feel anxious? We are here. Something is causing you pain? We are here. Something is causing you depression? We are here. We are ready to listen. We are there for you. No Judgments, No questions, only someone to listen to you, to help you let go of the pain and stress. Talk to our specialists, listen to songs, read memes and quotes and live your best life.


The Team: @codimg

👨‍💻 Vaibhav Sharma
👨‍💻 Daksh Jain


A Facial Recognition Model using Microsoft Azure Custom Vision Service. The model is then used to detect some particular faces & do certain designated tasks as per our business logic.

In this article, I will explain how I have created the Face Recognition model using Azure Custom Vision Service.

A big shoutout to Microsoft for such great documentation and GitHub repositories for learning. I took references from this repository of Microsoft AI900.

Let’s jump in!

Step 1

Capture photos of the team members. These photos will be provided to the model for training. The model is based on Supervised Learning, as while uploading the images we provide labels to them.

According to the NPM Blog Archives:

“There were meaningful differences across industries in how and why people use JavaScript.

Angular was a fairly popular choice across all industries, but strongest in finance. Developers in entertainment were the least likely to use Angular, their strongest preference being for React (65%).


Another fun project!! For people who don’t want to go to the Black Screen, but still wish to try on technologies like Docker, I have created a Docker Web Portal with some functionalities.

This is my first hands-on Project using JavaScript. I understood how to use JS, HTML, & CSS, how they are managed in code files, and how each one complements the other.

Frontend ➡

Backend ➡

Using Python CGI Codes I am taking input from the client (via the web portal) & the code runs particular docker commands and gives the output back to JS functions that display it on the webpage.

Let’s get going!

Image is nothing but an array.
A coloured image is a 3D array having RGB colours or a 2D matrix which may be a grayscale.

I am showing here a few fun examples that you can also try in your python IDE.

1. Create your own image

2. Merge 2 images

Video is nothing but a series of images only. Multiple modules for web developers and app developers are available to easily create video chat app, but all are based on much simpler concepts of images.

Video is a series of images. And an image is an array of numbers. So using OpenCV module in Python I have created a Video Chat App working on my localhost only as of now.

I have used 2 cameras to show the setup perfectly.

The basic concept that works here is socket programming. A server and a client code are created who connect to each other and whenever one of them disconnects the code shuts down, by proper exception handling.
PS. Here the symbolic name “client” and “server” do not hold any meaning as such.

A confusion matrix is a technique for summarizing the performance of a classification algorithm. Classification accuracy alone can be misleading if you have an unequal number of observations in each class or if you have more than two classes in your dataset.

Confusion Matrix

True Positive: You predicted positive and it’s true.
True Negative: You predicted negative and it’s true.
False Positive: (Type 1 Error) You predicted positive and it’s false.
False Negative: (Type 2 Error) You predicted negative and it’s false.

KDD CUP ‘’99 Data Set Description

This data set is prepared by Stolfo et al and is built based on the data captured in the DARPA’98…

Why? Because why not! I am a big fan of docker and find it really useful not just to launch containers for production, but also to launch applications that I don’t want to install. So let’s go!

Docker has been a really popular tool since its launch in the market and has moved the concept of Virtualisation to a different era. Containerisation has increased the pace of deployment and reduced the time to market for most companies in the technological world.

But according to me, “Docker” has limited the thinking of people to launch containers for production and not do something far more interesting it is capable of!

Theoretically, you can easily launch services in a docker container in 1 second.
But that will be CLI-based.

💡 Now, Think from a different perspective.
This is not a use-case of docker, I know, but think…

What if you want to launch a desktop application, use it…

Daksh Jain

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